National Ballet Theater of Odessa  

The Ballet of the Odessa National Opera, is situated within the building of the prestigious Opera Theater, where the greatest divas of Russian ballet performed on stage, from Anna Pavlova to Galina Ulanova and Maya Plisetskaya.

Since 2009 the ballet manager has been Yuri Vasyuchenko, an Honorary Artist of Russia and exclusive soloist for Bolshoi in its glorious era under the tutelage of Yuri Grigorovich. The Odessa company is recognized as one of the most prestigious institutions of classical ballet in Russia and can boast an extremely varied repertoire, carrying the honor and the task to preserve the precious heritage of the great Russian ballets.


Russian Cossack State Dance Company of Lipetsk

The Russian Cossack State Dance Company, founded in 1990 - a world-class troupe of 50 experienced dancers, musicians and singers - brings with it a dynamic and breathtaking production that both delights and dazzles theatergoers through amazing feats of highly skilled, acrobatic Cossack dance!


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